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21st birthdays are a great deal in Australia. And, no, it’s not because of the beer and the endless drinking you can do (although that can be one of the great reasons to have a party). See, it’s more than just blowing candles on a cake, going to nightclubs, and getting yourself wasted. You have probably done that so many times before. Turning 21 actually marks the coming of age where you will be able to take part in more adult activities. 


Once you turn 21, life would seem more challenging as there will be more doors and opportunities that will open for you. It is one of the most important milestones you can have in life so make it count! But, most of all, make it unforgettable. And, we are here to help you do exactly just that!


We are the number one 21st birthday photographer Melbourne has to offer. And, we will be there with you as you make your heartfelt speeches, uncontrollable laughter, and funniest moments. With our cameras, you can make sure that each moment – whether fun, beautiful, ugly, or serious – is saved and turned into photos that you can look back on for the rest of your life.

Why 21st Birthday Photography Melbourne

21st Birthday Photography Melbourne offers you the complete photography services you need to make your party the next big talk of the town. Whether you need a professional event photographer or a photo booth hire, we are the right guys for the job. We ensure you high-quality services and results that you will be proud to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of your social media accounts. Because, as the saying goes, “if you didn’t post it… it didn’t happen.”

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Event Photography Melbourne

Do you need a photographer who will go around your party all through the night and silently taking shots of you and your guests? Do you prefer a photographer who will stay near you and follow your lead? Or, do you prefer a combination of both? Whatever you need and require from us, we will make sure that we can deliver. And, to do this, expect us to work closely with you from start to finish.

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Portrait Photography

Each of our event photographers is skilled in taking portrait photos. And, no, we don’t simply point our cameras and shoot. Anyone can do that. We adjust our cameras accordingly and find the perfect light that can help make every photo clear, sharp, and attractive. 

So, with us, we make sure to show each of our subjects at their best. Whether it’s just the celebrant, a group shot, or a photo with all your family members, we can easily capture it and give you an image that will make you remember such moments!

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21st Birthday Candid Photography

If you want to see the real and “in the moment” photos from your birthday, you can count on us too. Sure, posing and smiling in front of the camera results in great images that you can proudly share on social media. 

But, photos that show true and genuine feelings can help you remember special moments in your event. These are the photos that when you look back on years later, will create emotions inside you. And, we are the experts that can give you just that.

We can help you immortalize the moment when your dad hugged you – how you both looked and shed tears as you do so. We can capture just the right time when your friends laughed at your joke and how each of them looked so happy around you. And, we can also get the perfect shot of you looking all tipsy and ready to burst in tears. All these are possible with our knowledge and skills in candid photography.

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Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Make your birthday extra special and fun with entertainment that has been proven to work. And, that’s no less than our photo booth hire. Having one at your 21st birthday party ensures that everyone can have a good time and have fun. It is inclusive and it can be used by anyone, from young kids to the elderly. Even the quietest and shyest of your guests can let loose and do crazy poses in front of the camera. Our photo booth also includes funky props that each of you can use!

21st birthday photography melbourne

Aside from 21st Birthday Photography Melbourne wide range of fun props and groovy backdrops, our photo booth also produces high-quality photo strips instantly. So, you can give each of your guests something to remember your 21st birthday. And, you will be given digital copies too to make sure that you can see just how each of them enjoyed your party.

Affordable 21st Photographers in Melbourne

Indeed, we are among the best photographers on 21st birthdays that you can find in Melbourne. We have the experience, high-standard equipment, attitude, and passion to make your event a big success. And, to top it all off, we also offer one of the most competitive prices in town!

Our affordable event photography services and cheap photo booth hire are of the highest quality and most reliable. And, you can hire us without emptying your pockets. We will provide you only excellent service and in the easiest process as possible. We know there are more things to worry about when planning a party, so we want to make it simple for you. Hire us today and expect professionals to handle your event at a cost that you can easily afford!


21st Birthday Photography Melbourne consists of a group of professional individuals who has the passion and love for photography. We have all come together to provide Melbourne affordable party services that can help make each event unforgettable and special. Whether you need a roaming photographer or a photo booth, we are your perfect choice for the job. 

Other than that, it has always been our mission to offer our clients ease and reliability. Once you hire our services, we will be at your event at least an hour before your set time – dressed appropriately with the complete equipment. Each of our photographers is professional and trained to act accordingly. So, you can expect us to treat everyone at your event with the utmost respect and maintain a friendly and approachable attitude. Thus, making sure that you and your guests will feel comfortable around us – to which reflects better photos as well. 

To find out more about us and to know our team, send us a message. We look forward to getting to know you too and to be part of your upcoming amazing event. 


We have been around for years now and we are thankful to have worked with a lot of amazing people. Just check out some of the testimonials and what our customers are saying about us!

Hailey Weathers
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Amazing work guys! Very easy working with you and had a great time with you around. Couldn’t recommend a better photographer for birthdays than you! Keep rocking!
Shiela Meyers
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So happy I hired you for my birthday. I didn’t think I needed a photographer but I had some extra cash left and I couldn’t be happier I spent it with you guys. Great photos, service, and everything! I love all the photos of my 21st and so did everyone else!
Taylor Maher
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Had a great time with friends and family. Couldn’t remember much the following morning but the photos that were handed over to me were fantastic. I didn’t think much for it before but without you guys I would have missed those drunken moments forever. At least now I have the photos to help me remember! Thank you!

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Have the funniest, craziest, and greatest 21st birthday with your friends and family, and never let one precious moment be forgotten with us there and immortalizing the event through our amazing photos. No matter where it is and at any time of the day, we ensure you that we will be there – ready for anything. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Talk to us today and tell us about your upcoming event and we’ll reach back to you within 24 hours with your quote… for free! Celebrate your birthday in style and in confidence without breaking the bank with the best 21st birthday photographer Melbourne has to offer – us!